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Other possibility of accommodation

Cottages with soc. settlement

6  different kinds of cottages, all of whom can choose.Price from: 450,- CZK

Rooms in building

Possibilities of 2 beds or 4 beds rooms.Price from: 520,- CZK

Tents area

Area is equipped by collective kitchen, laundry, showers, toilets.Price from: 65,- CZK

Caravans and motor homes

Standing incl. WC bucket sink, water supply and electric connection.Price from: 75,- CZK

Accommodation in caravans and motor homes

Area for caravans and motor homes

2,5 Ha area is close to swimming pool with roller coaster.

Area equipment:

-  collective kitchen
-  common room
-  laundry
-  showers
-  toilets
-  electric connection (protection 10A)
-  WC bucket sink, water supply

Meal plan is also possible in the camping restaurant.

Season I price
75,- CZK / per caravan
90,- CZK / per motor home

Season II price
90,- CZK / per caravan
120,- CZK / per motor home

Season III price 
100,- CZK / per caravan
130,- CZK / per motor home

Prices of our other services (for example electric fees etc. ) can be found in our price list (click here).

Camping operation time is 1. 5. – 31. 10. – except this time for at least 20 people groups after agreement!