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Search, comparison and evaluation of campings, Czech Republic
Search, comparison and evaluation of campings, Czech Republic

Trip tips


MIKULČICE – 24 km (by car)
1 km from village Mikulčice there is a National Cultural Monument – remains of bottoms of the Great Moravia´s brick churches, spacious ramparts and another a lots of unique findings.
2 km from village these is nature preserve of  black storks and heronry.

MILOTICE – 20 km (by car)
There is renaissance manor house from the second half of 16th. century in village Milotice, later rebuilt by baroque character. Paintings in the hall by F. I. Eckstein (1725), carving
by J. K. Schletter (18th. century). Inwrought interiors of the manor house are accessibled and the manor house also serves as exposition of Moravian baroque sculpture.

PETROV – 3,5 km (by car, bus, train)
Village is famous for its typical wine-cellars called Plže, which belong to sights of popular architecture.

KNĚŽDUB – 8 km (by car, bus)
In village Kněždub there is significant cemetery called Slavic Pantheon where are tombs of famous local artists: painters Joža Úprka and Antoš Frolka, sculptor Franta Úprka. These is also modern decoration church in the cemetery.

KUŽELOV – 16 km (by car, bus)
Kuželov is the name of the village and also the name of historical landmark – the Dutch style windmill from 1842, which is including museum. The windmill is open on Sundays.

RADĚJOV – LUČINA – 8 km (by car, bus)
Recreation area including dam reservoir, possibility of bathe, shopping, refreshment, trips to forestry.

LUHAČOVICE – 48 km (by car, bus, train)
Centennial tradition spa, ten healing springs, museum, exhibitions, north of the town there is dam reservoir, camping and possibility of bathe.

LEDNICE – 45 km (by car, bus)
Beautiful manor house with English style park full of amenity trees, French garden, greenhouse with tropical plants, ponds, nature preserve of  palmipeds, Hunter´s museum, possibility of bathe, Moresque style prayer tower 60m high with amazing view.

BUCHLOVICE – 35 km (by car)
Italian baroque style manor house, there is a park with valued tree species around the manor house, museum. It´s a good start point for trips to Chřiby ridge, castle Buchlov, Velehrad and valley of Smraďavka spa.

ČEJKOVICE – 25 km (by car)
Původně gotická tvrz, rozšířená později na renesanční zámek, v současné době je rekonstruována.

PRUŠÁNKY – 32 km (by car, bus)
Antique viticultural village with very famous bodega called Nechory.